…he had the entire audience captivated.

When you listen to Jose take his stand, you can’t help but be deeply moved & inspired. I first saw Jose get on stage at a speaker training event, and almost instantly, he had the entire audience captivated. The room had an energy of understanding, love, & compassion for Jose’s words on veteran suicide. His personal story was nothing short of inspiring. This man very clearly has something vital that he needs to share with this world to help others, and the most powerful way he’s displayed that is on the stage.

Jess Mather


Wow! Just wow. I recently met Jose and heard him speak at a conference. His story inspired everyone in the room. Such a noble stand that he is taking! He truly wants to help people, save them from the hopelessness that he experienced in his journey with PTSD, and let them know that there is a life and better times waiting for them, and that they can get through it, as he did. He is truly saving lives. And I’m so glad and inspired to know him!!

Laura Kamrath

Voice of the voiceless…

So profound when I heard José speak! It appears taboo to speak about PTSD in such a limelight… it is the thing America would like to sweep under the rug. But we gotta hear it. We gotta address it… in order to heal our nation… Thank you for being the voice of the voiceless José!

Crystal Winstead

I am honored to know him…

José is a rare character. Every word he speaks is full, rich, and impactful in a manner that touches the heart and soul of all who have the opportunity to be listening. His commitment to his stand and his mission are apparent in all that he does. I am honored to know him.

Jennifer Crisp

He was one of the most impactful, moving, and memorable speakers in the building.…

It isn’t often I come across people whose lead purpose in their business is to make a life changing impact for others. Jose Belen spoke of his business as a vehicle used to not only support veterans suffering from PTSD, but rather focusing on creating a sustainable, functional, and abundant life for his participants. As Jose spoke about what he does, he shared his purpose of why he is responsible for creating this for others. Passionately, he shared his experience as he went through his continuous journey through PTSD. He not only survived his struggle but took initiative in creating freedom for those who endure a very similar and common struggle. This does not get to happen under Jose’s watch. In my experience of him at the event, he was one of the most impactful, moving, and memorable speakers in the building.

Raul Espinoza

I was mesmerized by his passion…

I first learned about the organization when I heard Jose speak at a recent conference. I was mesmerized by his passion, transparency, and authenticity as he spoke courageously sharing his personal story and his mission to help other military vets struggling with PSTD. Thank you for all you do.

Steve Cavin

Jose brings a new HOPE.…

Jose brings a new HOPE for those struggling with PTSD! Hearing him speak for the first time to hearing him speak at multiple events he captures the audience to create awareness and hope for others through his sincerity, knowledge and understanding. I look forward to seeing all of the lives restored!

Christy Leigh

Thank you from my heart…

Hearing him speak is so inspiring. Every time I get an opportunity I am so touched and ready to take action. Thank you from my heart !

Angela Hubbs

Jose is very dedicated…

Jose is very dedicated to helping veterans with PTSD and stopping suicide is a company that has played this community for such a long time

Akyiaa Azula