Jose Belen Speaks

For the 22

As a professional speaker, Jose Belen immediately connects with his audience as he eloquently reflects on the gut wrenching and emotional experiences of daily life for a combat veteran struggling with PTSD and suicidal thoughts. Jose Belen shares his story of triumph over tragedy on stages around the world to raise awareness for the 22 veterans a day whose stories we may never hear. Jose Belen Speaks for the 22 as an activist for all veterans and their loved ones suffering in silence, that they may hear his story and find the courage to chose life over death.

Our mission is to reduce this number of suicides by creating a community of support that leaves no man left behind. We believe everyone has a story, and they need to know their story matters. Through research with individuals who were on the brink of suicide, one factor was determined to be the reason they are still with us today. And that is they felt a connection to someone and couldn’t bear to leave him or her behind. Listeners often connect with Jose and his story on many levels. Help us grow a community connection that saves lives by booking Jose Belen for your next event. You never know who is listening.

Jose has been a guest speaker in many events around Central Florida and is looking forward to bringing his message across the nation. He has been a guest on FOX35, Telemundo, Veterans Voice and several Veterans conventions.

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For the 22