Go Beyond PTSD

Go Beyond PTSD is a grassroots project with the purpose of bringing together anyone touched by the effects of PTSD.

We are a nonprofit organization with a mission to connect PTSD sufferers and their loved ones with choices in PTSD treatment options while providing a platform of social support so that no one suffers alone. We believe what makes our foundation different is our personal experience, authenticity, passion, and our families’ ability to share and connect to the silent victims perspective.

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P.T.S.D, Helping Prevent Veteran Suicide One Post at a Time is a private group for our supporters. We post things that could potentially help someone find therapy, counseling groups, activities in their area, and resources to use in distress. We also try and post positive affirmations to give people who visit the group something to smile about. Join our group →

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Our Mission

Go Beyond PTSD was created with the mission to open the doors that PTSD closes. One of many doors PTSD closes is communication, and sufferers and their families find themselves in isolation. Go Beyond PTSD is dedicated to providing a safe place for Veterans and their families to connect, share, and most importantly find H.O.P.E! H.O.P.E stands for Happiness, Opportunity, Purpose, and Empowerment. As our military personal work to assimilate back into civilian life they often find a lack of structure, discipline, and the camaraderie they once had as a military unit. Over 20% of Veterans return from recent war theaters with PTSD, which leaves them with feelings of depression, low self-esteem, and low self worth. We are committed to not only providing choices in treatments that are as individual as the sufferer, but also creating an environment built to increase camaraderie, reduce feelings of isolation and create moments of HAPPINESS. In addition our soldiers will have an OPPORTUNITY to share their stories and process traumatic events in an effort to find their PURPOSE. Finally, our overall goal is to help each Veteran improve their physical/mental health, improve coping mechanisms by identifying triggers, and reduce anxiety and stress so that they feel EMPOWERED to live a life without limits.